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SanSa Logistic, GmbH, DE
Our company is engaged in the sale and purchase of Euro-pallets. We are interested in the pallets that you sell. We will be glad to deal with...
6mm Wood Pellet for Export
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
Wood pellet Diameter 6 -8mm Density >1100kg/m3 Moisture content 6% Ash content 0,48% Sulfur content <0.01 Caloric value 4342- 5016...
Ostrich egg
Price on request
Ostrich paradise inc, IE, IL
We available ostrich chickens and couple with a wide variety of fertile hatching eggs. We have, Ostrich eggs, Chicken eggs, Bantam chicken eggs,,...
0.12/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
from €0.07/pc
Kisson Agro, LLC, UA
Dear Sirs My name is Arkadii i'm export manager of Kisson Agro company. Our company is manufacturer of different fertilizer. We will be glad send...
Sığır boğa ve inek ile Ukrayna
Price on request
ЯОН плюс, LLC, BY +1 ad
Sayın Baylar! Firmamız Ukrayna helal ürünlerin ihracat tedarik konusunda uzmanlaşmış-kümes hayvanları, sığır eti ve onların işleme ürünleri...
Top Quality Wood Briquettes
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
Specifications We would like to present RUF type briquettes made from pure sawdust without any chemical or other additives. RUF briquettes are...
Test bench gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce
$1,600,000/Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +46 ads
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial GTE firms Rolls-Royce used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Rolls-Royce models: Avon,...
Price on request
ПП ЭПТС, LLC, RU +31 ads
Weldolet 406,40*21,44 (16" SCH - 80) ASTM 350-LF2
Sell ​​wood briquette Pini Kay
Price on request
Зубенко А.В., SP, UA +3 ads
Good day. I want to bring to your attention the wood briquette Pini kay- 4-8 faceted. Briquette length-22cm Diameter - 6.5 cm Packaging: Pack of...
Aluminum Used Beverage Can
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
Ubc Aluminum Scrap Cans Aluminum Scrap cans Specifications The purity of UBC aluminium is 96%. Aluminum UBC Scrap for more infromation do...
Test bench gas turbine engine SOLAR
$1,600,000/Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +46 ads
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial gas turbine engines manufactured by SOLAR used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Models:...
Sell ​​wood briquettes RUF
Price on request
Зубенко А.В., SP, UA +3 ads
Sell ​​wood briquette RUF (Ruff). Briquettes from coniferous wood. Packed in shrink film 12pcs. in one pack. 1 pack = 10 kg. On a pallet 96 packs...
Redbull Energy Drink 250 ml
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
We supply original redbull and monster energy drink with the below specifications. owing to timely deliveries and focus on 100% customer...
Equipment for the repair of gas-turbine engines for compress
$1,600,000/Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +46 ads
Completion of an enterprise for the repair of industrial gas-turbine engines used in gas-compressor stations: - gas-compressor stations:...
Nescafe Gold
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
We have regular large-scale offer for Nescafe Classic / Nescafe Original / Nescafe Gold / Nescafe 3 in 1 instant coffee We offer a collage...
Test bench with 30 MW load device
$1,600,000/Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +46 ads
Production - Test benches with the use of a load device (turbo-generator, hydraulic brake or other) with a capacity of 30 MW. We carry out the...
Test bench with hydraulic brake 16 MW and more
$1,600,000/pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +46 ads
We carry out the calculation, with the subsequent manufacture and turn-over of the test site and running-in of high-speed high-power units...
Solar Gas Turbine Fuel Injector Test Bench
$300,000/pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +46 ads
The company will develop and manufacture a test bench for testing the fuel injectors of Solar industrial gas turbines. The test bench meets the...
Wheat Flour
Wholesale price
from $270/t FCA
Trade Company Ukraine, LLC, UA
Wheat Flour (High grade) Produced in Ukraine Packaged: 25/50 kg bags Details: mineral impurities - none; humidity 14% -14.5%; grind size - 182...
Price on request
Marculeshti-Combi, Corporație, MD
The company MarculeshtiCombi at present time are able to offer to you the following goods: 1. Corn DDGS Origin – Moldova Type of shipment - By...
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window
1.75/l EXW  
Wholesale price
Tioseal, LS, TR
We send you the technical data of products to review our products. If you are interested in these products, we will be happy to send you any...
Price on request
Dijitalpark import export, AS, TR
Türkiye / soğan gümrükleme hizmetleri
Cocoa Powder Natural 10-12% ™Favorich
Wholesale price
$2,000-2,200/t DAT
Crok, d.o.o., SI +2 ads
Guan Chong Cocoa Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd., being one of the largest cocoa processors in Asia, having agencies, partnership in most of the countries...
Cocoa Powder Alkalized 10-12% ™"Favorich"
Wholesale price
$2,000-2,150/t DAT
Crok, d.o.o., SI +2 ads
Guan Chong Cocoa Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd., being one of the largest cocoa processors in Asia, having agencies, partnership in most of the countries...
Beam, board, edged board
$1/cu m FOB  
Wholesale price
$1/cu m
RawExgroup, LLC, UA
Our company successfully works in the market of production of lumber and woodworking. The main activities of the company is the production,...
Cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard
Price on request
Кербос, LLC, UA
Cardboard packaging from Ukraine. Our company is engaged in the production of cardboard packaging from corrugated cardboard as well as the...
Medium grain elite rice, Camolino
Price on request
Fenil, LLC, IL
Dear sales manager! We are seeking the Customer for regular shipping Russian medium grain high grade rice: rice, 10% 2. Osman, 4% 3. Baldo, 4%...
Charcoal briquette hexagonal
$550/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Тара Трейд Ко, LLC, UA
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality oak wood charcoal briquette for BBQ.
Price on request
Agro Alliance, LLC, UA
LTD “Agro-Alliance”, founded in 2010, is one of the leading Ukrainian group for exports of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives. We suggest the...
$300/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Техмет, LLC, RU
The samovar set includes: "Traditional" wood samovar 7 liters, a tray and a brass pipe with a handle. An excellent solution for giving or as a...
Муку ТУ, Гост , В/С,1 Сорт Акция
rub.ru 16/kg EXW  
Wholesale price
m. 14-16.50/kg
УК ОмскИнвест, LLC, RU +2 ads
Коммерческое предложение. Предлагаем поставку муки пшеничной со склада в г. Омск, в количестве 500 тонн в месяц. « Усть-Тарская мельница»: -...
ДСП, Chipboard
Price on request
АКси, LLC, BY +4 ads
ДСП формат 2750*1830 мм. - основной, 2440*1830, 3660*1830 - дополнительные, толщина 15,16,18 мм. Прямые поставки с заводов России, Белоруссии....
Крупа гречневая 1 сорта
$330/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Conqueror, LLP, KZ
Предлагаем Вашему вниманию -крупа гречневая ядрица быстроразваривающаяся; -первый сорт; -ГОСТ 5550-74; -упаковка – расфасованные в...
Подсолнечник кондитерских сортов
Price on request
Кубань Продукт, LLC, RU +3 ads
Организация на постоянной основе реализует калиброванный подсолнечник кондитерских сортов, очищенный на фотосепараторе, расфасованный в мешки по...
Реализуем готовые металлоконструкции. Изготовление.
Group of companies contact..., LLP, KZ +1 ad
Рады предложить вам свои услуги по изготовлению металлоконструкций любой сложности, торговые, складские помещения, СТО, склады, мобильно-модульные...
Гранулятор. Матрицы и др. запчасти грануляторов.
Price on request
Мюнч Эдельшталь, ЗАО, RU
Продам Muench Edelstahl GmbH (Hilden, Germany) - производим и экспортируем в более чем 60 стран мира оборудование для гранулирования различного...
m. 44/pc
Ершова И., SP, RU +1 ad
Предприятие является одним из крупнейших компаний-производителей в Краснодарском крае. масло подсолнечное нерафинированное гост1129-2013 бутылка...
Битум дорожный БНД 60/90 ГОСТ 22245-90
Price on request
Райс Битум, LLC, RU +1 ad
Добрый день, уважаемые партнеры! Меня зовут Михаил Андреев, я представляю «RISE GROUP -Битумные материалы» Реализуем Битум нефтяной дорожный...
Крупорушка, крупоцех, линия по переработке гречихи
Price on request
ТД Панцирь, LLC, RU +1 ad
Изготовим оборудование по переработке круп под ключ
Качественные халаты и полотенца из Турции.
Wholesale price
Onbasioglu Textile, YSS, TR +2 ads
Полотенца и халаты с Турции, отличного качества. Возможность предоставить любой цвет и размеры от желания клиента.
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